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Club Crackers


About the Project

Previously a Keebler brand, Club Crackers used to have iconic mascots in the Keebler Elves. But when the cookie business was sold off from Kellogg's they were left with nothing. The good news is that everyone loves Club Crackers because they're so simple and delicious. No point in getting complicated with things. All you need to be reminded of is that they're light, flaky and buttery so we leaned in all the way on the brand's product attributes and the nostalgic love people have for the food... but turned up to 11.
Hero :15's
We went wild with improv on set, ending up so much content that we cut multiple 15's, a longform and tons of shortform social for in-feed/pre-roll.
"Alt Hamster Style :15"
"Infomercial Long Form"
I would have loved to acquire a late night block of tv to actually run this like a real infomercial.
Various Social Assets
Additional content we used in social channels in 1:1, 4:5, 9:16 and more.
Club Crackers Infomercial