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Joe Boxer

Inactivity Tracker

About the Project

It seems nowadays that everyone is tracking everything. But when do you want to not be active? When you're in your Joe Boxer Pajamas, that's why we created the world's first inactivity tracker.

Step 1: Put on the inactivity band and your Joe Boxer pajamas.
Step 2: Pair it with your smartphone.
Step 3: No more steps.

Just Do It. Later.
Joe Boxer Inactivity Tracker Case Study
To create the device we partnered with a chinese company named TimeStar to prototype a wearable band that syncs up to your smartphone via bluetooth and rewards you with badges and bragging rights for your inactivity, a cultural contrast against all things active like Fitbit, Fuelband and more. The device was iOS & Android compatible with native applications on each platform that also provided the opportunity to shop.
Joe Boxer: Lounger Games
To launch the product we create a one hour long inactivity competition complete with "sports" announcers giving a play-by-play while the inaction took place.
Joe Boxer Inactivity Tracker App Screens