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Kmart Joe Boxer

Holiday Campaigns

About the Project

When we shot the iconic Jingle Joes spot we knew the world was going to love it, that's why we created an interactive version in HTML5. Simply use your keyboard or tap with your finger on a mobile device and you can create a custom holiday jingle from the Joes, you can also record it and send it to your friends via social media.

After the breakout hit with the Jingle Joes (AKA Jingle Balls) we looked to continue the theme and expand the audience, Joe Boxer pajamas are for everyone and we wanted to make sure it wasn't just about good looking dudes in boxers...
Kmart Joe Boxer Holiday: Jingle Bellies
Kmart Joe Boxer Holiday: Santa Babies
Kmart Joe Boxer Holiday: Jingle Joes HTML5 Experience
Kmart Joe Boxer Holiday Commercial Jingle Bellies