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Prescribed to Death

About the Project

Even though most people think about heroin when they think about the opioid crisis, studies show it starts with highly addictive, and commonly prescribed opioid medications. There’s a tragic stigma about addiction.

We turned data into faces, in a powerful installation featuring 22,000 pills, each engraved with the face of someone who died last year from a prescription opioid overdose. The memorial visualizes the scale of the problem, a problem that’s completely preventable, and became a tool to tell the stories of victims.

The installation includes a CNC machine that carves a new pill every 24 minutes, to dramatize how often a person dies in the U.S. of a prescription opioid medication overdose.
Case Study & Results
1 million+ Warn Me Labels distributed, 13+ million video views and over 2.5 billion impressions in the media. The memorial is traveling to 15 cities in the U.S., including Washington D.C where it was displayed on Whitehouse Lawn.
Official Online Video
Advocate Stories: Michael's Story
We also had our advocates share their heartbreaking stories of losing their loved ones, this entire project was about humanizing numbers and personal stories were a powerful catalyst to make emotional impact.
Prescribed to Death. Wall of faces carved on opioid pills.
Prescribed to Death Melania Trump