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Aged By Audio

About the Project

Cheez-it doesn't get credit for having actual 100% real cheese in its product, to shine a light on the aging process we partnered with Pandora to tap into science. A Swiss study determined that aging cheese with hiphop music enhances the flavor with the audio frequencies affecting the fermentation process. So we partnered with Pandora's audio alchemists to age our own. The experiment proved true and we sold out in a matter of days. Plus, at the time of writing people were even going so far as to resell the limited edition product on secondary markets like Ebay.com for up to nearly $150 a box... real cheese, real science, real results.
Cheez-It x Pandora: Aged By Audio Launch Video
The cheese was aged for 6 months with a custom playlist developed by Pandora's "Audio Alchemists" the playlist included hundreds of songs in the hip-hop genre and was streamable through agedbyaudio.com
Sold out on agedbyaudio.com
Sold Out on AgeByAudio.com
Reselling on Ebay.com
Secondary Resale Market
Aged By Audio Resale on Ebay