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Froot Loops

Through the Loop

About the Project

Froot Loops is well known to kids but over the years as kids have migrated away from traditional media channels they've lost familiarity with the brand's mascot, Toucan Sam. To spark conversation and controversy, we put him back in the hearts and minds of the public by giving him a dramatic makeover, very much in the style of popular/modern children's cartoons.

Toucan Sam simply visits kids enjoying Froot Loop's for breakfast and invites them in to visit a magical Froot Loops world by going through the loop. Kids loved it, and for people with nostalgia for "old Sam" it sparked debate resulting in an increase in sales, PR and overall memorability. In year two we remixed him again with matching results.
Froot Loops: Through the Loop :30
Toucan Sam takes the kids on an adventure to the many lands of the Froot Loops World.
Froot Loops Social: :06's
Kids and Moms alike love Instagram so we made some fun moments to bring Sam to the kids to the platform both in feed and in stories.
Ingie Froot Loops World